Wednesday, January 16, 2013


(Zara sweatshirt, Paige pants, Massimo Dutti leather jacket, D&G belt, Indigo boots)

Because of my love for the Rebel Phase Series (and my fear that I will lessen its value by overexerting the issue and essentially "scraping the barrel") I've decided to explore a different "it" topic today--Kate Middleton.   

I was reading Vogue UK (because I am basically down to do anything that makes me feel less American and more British…including forcing my best Spice World-perfected accent on unsuspecting, overly intoxicated men in bars as a weekend hobby) and I came across an article in which Lisa Armstrong pretty much stalks the sheet out of Kate Middleton to provide an astute analysis of her ever so slightly evolving and always impeccable attire.  From this piece I was inspired to wear three things which I had previously written off as unflattering for anyone who eats three meals a day: 
  1. Red.  According to the article, 13% of Kate's official outfits have been red. 
  2. A boat neck.  Kate has worn a boat neck to 42% of her engagements.
  3. Three-quarter-length sleeves.  This princess is apparently partial to the 3/4 length--the better to show off the royal bling, my dear. 
So here it is: The Kate leather, because I still fancy myself a rebel ; )

PS - If you haven't seen Vogue UK's iPad edition it's incredible and intuitive.  It's like a video game for people who'd rather spend $300 on a pair of shoes than an Xbox 360.  


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