Monday, January 14, 2013

The Rebel Phase Series Pt. I: THE DEFINITION

As an ode to my current girl crush and Golden Globes killa (fists up in the sky) Lena Dunham, I’ve decided to create the Rebel Phase series. 

This is Part One of an undisclosed number of posts about what I refer to as the “rebel phase”.  The phase can loosely be described as a period in a young adult’s life in which she/he loses her sense of self and begins to make decisions that contradict every moral she/he previously held as a standard.  A more concrete example would be my rebel phase of 2010.  It lasted about 3 months.  In these months I got my cartilage pierced on Melrose and convinced myself that I was “cool” with being in an open relationship (I suppose you can eliminate the “relationship” part because I was pretty much “open” to receive anything this particular guy was willing to throw my way…ah college).  This primary rebel phase led to discomfort on many levels.  Mainly, they don’t really warn you that you cannot sleep on the ear upon which you’ve displaced your wayward emotions; this becomes increasingly uncomfortable when attempting to sleep next to someone whose bed smells like another woman’s perfume (this is a hyperbole, but maybe it isn’t). 

I hope this transparency has been enough to accurately define the "Rebel Phase". If not, I’m thoroughly embarrassed and understand if you never come back here. If you get me though, I’ll see you tomorrow for Part Two (oh, tomorrow will also be my first fashion post).  Ah, memories...

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