Friday, January 18, 2013


You know when you graduate and realize you spent 4 years hopping around desperately trying to find your "passion" before time is up?  Then 20 minutes after the final buzzer rings and you are walking out to your car smelling of defeat with a hint of panic it finally hits you that you actually hate field hockey and even though all the cool girls in your grade are playing it you'd rather be in the school musical? Woah..that tangent turned into baggage real quick.  Sorry 8th grade...back to college.  Substitute field hockey for psychology and the school musical for interior design and you have an Architectural Digest/Elle Decor fanatic and avid pinterest peruser who will never have the proper degree to get paid to turn empty rooms into pieces of art.  But at least I can share these masterpieces with you.  I guess that's better than field hockey...just because you get to wear skirts doesn't mean that it's fun...says the psychology major who clearly has unresolved issues.

Anyways, this is one of my absolute favorite blogger's bedroom/closet/living room.  I'm in the midst of playing "interior designer" in my new apartment so I've been overdosing on home decor.  In other words, expect a lot more of these posts for the next few months.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Aimee Song's pad.

 Images via Song of Style...seriously check her out, I promise you won't be disappointed. 

PS - I'm literally about to leave my house to go to DC for the Presidential Inauguration...lots of fun pictures and stories to come! x x

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