Friday, February 1, 2013

Rebel Phase Series: KIDS WHO ARE KILLIN IT

NO, Honeyboo boo, you did not make the cut. 

Kids who are getting attention they don't deserve aside, lets talk about a kid that is getting attention from over 5 million people -- yeah, I'm talking about the Kid President.  If you haven't been made aware of this video from Facebook or Twitter or the news (if you watch that, good for you…no really, I'm impressed) check it out here and "Hello! From, The World Above the Rock…specifically, the World Within the Computer…we're friendly here, don't worry".  

You watched it?  Great.  I'm not even going to attempt to publicly comment on it because I will most definitely lose in the battle of being smarter than a 5th grader. 
Kid President > Master's in Communication.   

Oh, and if you didn't already feel inadequate enough, here's adding sartorial insult to intellectual injury.  

Happy Friday y'all ((she says as she prepares to walk to her closet with the desperate hope that the dream in which she had a Coveteur-worthy closet was actually not a dream.  
It was.  
As she is forced to face reality, she tells herself, "It's ok. I want better for my children," a clever tactic her parents have often used to reject her request for extravegant gifts (see: Celine bag post).  The pain begins to subside, but deep inside she know she'll be damned before her unborn child carries a bag she does not own herself)). x x 

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